10 Amazing Benefits of Having a Treadmill at Home [2023]

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Imagine being a Roman citizen in 1 AD – the sun is exerting its presence and your sweat is slowly finding its way past your eyebrows. You take a cool glass of water from the earthen pot and gaze upon one of the great engineering feats of the Empire – the polyspaston.

benefits of having a treadmill at home - polyspaston
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What does this have to do with the benefits of having a treadmill at home?

Because of its extra large, human-sized hamster wheel, the polyspaston was capable of lifting over 3000kg with only the strength of a single man! The remarkable machine would even be used in the Middle Ages to build cathedrals and castles.

In modern times, this technology is still used – in treadmills.

Wait, what? You might be thinking – such a colossal feat of human ingenuity has been reduced to a mere treadmill?

Well, yes, but actually no. Not entirely. Certain structures that have been reorganized but that is because they serve a different purpose. Engineering has moved beyond wooden machines and the extensive need of human capital (at least compared to the Middle Ages).

But as we will explore today, there are real benefits of having a treadmill at home.

Benefits of Having a Treadmill at Home

1. Workout From Home

Once you actually get to the gym and see the people there putting in the work to stay fit, it’s hard to just turn around and walk away. But let’s be honest – sometimes going to the gym is the biggest hurdle on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Wouldn’t it be more convenient if you somehow had your own gym at home?

That’s one the best benefits of having a treadmill at home! You can step up any time you want and burn off those calories like a champ.

2. Return on Investment

Not only is going to the gym hard but expensive as well. The average costs of a gym membership in the US is $507 for the first year – and you end up not using most of the equipment anyways.

But if you make a one-time investment in your own treadmill, you can reap the benefits for a years. Plus, you might inspire your family to hop on as well and save their gym membership costs too (that could even include our lovable chonky pets!).

3. Burn the Most Calories for Your Buck

Dumbbells are stylish. So are yoga poses. But do you know which machine gives you the highest calorie burn per hour?

The good ol’ treadmill. It just sits there, patiently singing “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift.

Plus, you can switch things up while you’re on there. You can carry weights, transition to a HIIT workout, or even turn off the machine and run. Resistance taken to a whole new level, right?!

Seriously! Check this out!

4. Weather Agnostic

When thinking of the benefits of having a treadmill at home, this is usually one of the first to come to mind for most people.

Too hot outside? Heavy rains? Hail the size of your fist? No problem!

A treadmill sits safely cushioned in the structure of your home and allows you to continue your fitness regime. In fact, if you buy the higher end models (or simply position your treadmill strategically) then you can even catch your favorite shows while you burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system!

Mother Nature doesn’t stop – so why should you?

5. Tracking Technology

Unless you found an ancient used model on Craigslist or a manual model or something, your treadmill probably has a digital display where you can see statistics like the distance you ran, the amount of time spent, and an indication of how many calories burnt.

Note that the calories burnt statistic can be a bit iffy at times, so take it with a grain of salt. But the rest of values should still give you enough information to conclude how well your workout went.

This is a great tool for those of us who love numbers and data. Tracking progress over time can be a great motivator! One of the greatest benefits of having a treadmill at home is that you have all of your own data at your fingertips all the time!

benefits of having a treadmill at home - Man running right

6. Simulate Your Required Environment

Are you training for a marathon that has a bunch of steep hills on the course? Good luck replicating that on your neighborhood runs.

A treadmill, on the other hand can allow you set the intensity that you desire and then train on that level consistently. Plus, this is a great way to ensure that you maintain a healthy posture instead of relying on cycling machines or ellipticals to do it for you.

You’ll be floating to first place in no time!

7. No Judgement

It’s gym day – but you forgot to do the laundry. It won’t make a difference if you skip one day right? Wrong!

Research shows that exercising consistently is just as important as the particular program you’re undertaking. Whether you’re running in your shorts, jeans or your birthday suit – a treadmill won’t judge you at all.

8. Shoe Maintenance 

You’ve proud of those brand new shoes you got from your local sporting goods stores. Then you remember how unhygienic gyms can be – people walking in after its rained, mud all over the place, and sweating falling all over the place – yuck!

One of the benefits of having a treadmill at home is that you don’t have to worry about any of that! Plus, they won’t have to face the gravel on the roadside too!

9. Stop Wasting Your Time

You’ve done your stretches, completed your strength training and are on the path to completing your workout with a quick cardio session. But wait…all the treadmills are occupied. And looks like Ally the cardio bunny just called her best friend to join her.

If you had one at home, your machine would revolve around your schedule – not the other way around.

benefits of having a treadmill at home - walking left

10. Take Care of Your Ears

When thinking about the benefits of having a treadmill at home, your ears are probably not the first thing to come to mind.

When you’re at the gym, it’s likely that you’re blasting music through your earphones (or headphones). While it may pump you up in the short term, it’s not exactly healthy for your ears.

Eardrums are sensitive components of the human body, so why not show them some love and stay at home with your friendly treadmill? It won’t mind if you play some music through some speakers!

Final Thoughts

Today, we’ve seen the practical benefits of having a treadmill at home. Isn’t it wondrous in a way though – the creativity of humanity to take the design of a machine built to lift up thousands of pounds and transform it into a compact object that everyone can use?

It is said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember that when you first hop on your treadmill. You may not be in the best shape of your life but you’ll get there.

Just put one foot in front of the other!

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