Rogue P-4 Pull-Up System Review – A Great Way to Get in Shape [2023]

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Why The Rogue P-4 Wall Mounted Pull up Bar?

The Rogue P-4 is a high quality piece of gear as you would expect from Rogue Fitness.

Reliability is important in all home gym equipment, but especially when it comes to pull up bars.

You don’t want something that will fail when your hanging off of it, especially if you’re doing any kind of kipping movement.

The Rogue P-4 is extremely popular and highly rated for exactly this reason.

This pull up bar is made of high quality steel and built with the usual high level of quality that you can expect from the Rogue Fitness brand.

Plus, the P-4 is simple and easy to mount, meaning you can spend less time working and more time working out!

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What’s the Benefit of Having a Pull up Bar at Home?

A pull up bar is a great piece of gear to have in any home gym.

Compared to set of dumbbells or a bench and bar set, the price of a pull up bar is extremely minimal, making it a great place to start. There’s a surprising variety of exercises you can do with one. You can hit so many muscle groups with nothing but a pull up bar.

Plus, pull ups are just kind of badass.

If you’ve already started building your home gym, a pull up bar makes an essential addition.

Ok, But Why a Wall Mounted Pull up Bar?

Yes, you can get a cheap pull up bar that will just wedge into your door frame or whatever.

I did!

I had one for many years actually. It worked fine, but I won’t lie –

It sucked.

It wobbled. It jiggled. It damaged my door frame.

I never felt really comfortable using it, which is a huge factor in home gym equipment.

And yes, I fell. A few times.

That’s why a proper wall mounted pull up bar is so superior.

You feel safe using it, because you are safe using it.

From the Manufacturer:


Manufactured in Ohio using the same 1×2″ 11-Gauge Steel as our full-scale rigs and racks, the versatile Rogue P-4 Pull-Up System is a single, compact unit optimized for wall mounts and ceiling mounts*. Once anchored securely to concrete or wood studs, the P-4’s pull-up bar will be positioned at a 30” depth from the wall/ceiling. That’s 8” more than the depth of the P-3 Pull-up system, allowing more room for kipping movements.

The complete P-4 Pull-Up System comes standard with a 52” Pull-Up Bar, and can serve as a dependable rings station, as well. If you want to expand the set-up for more athletes, you can daisy-chain additional brackets together by spacing them out 3-4 feet apart, then running a single 1” steel tube/1.25” OD pipe through all of the brackets (5 brackets, for example, would create a 16-foot pull-up bar). In most cases, this type of pipe can be purchased at your local hardware store.

*For ceiling mounts, the P-4 is often the best option if your ceiling height is above 9’6”. If the height is between 8’ and 9’6”, a P-3 System could be a better option.


  • 1×2″ 11-Gauge Steel
  • Depth: 30″ from wall/ceiling
  • Width: Can be set on 16″ Stud Centers or custom width up to 48″ between brackets
  • Total Length: You can add brackets for miles by putting brackets in a row. 1″/1.25″ Pipe can be purchased from local tube supplier in 24′ lengths.
  • Orientation: This unit can be setup vertically or horizontally, our unique support arm will keep this rig sturdy!
  • Mounting Hardware NOT included.

Recommended Setups:

  • Distance between brackets: Concrete – 36″, Wood Studs – 32″ or 48″
  • Height: 7′ 6″ – 8′ on center of bar but this can be adjusted based on ceiling height or athlete height

All Rogue Pull-up Rig Assemblies are guaranteed against failure If properly installed!

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